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Mawqoot is the most advanced system for tracking employees attendance and facilitating HR operations!

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What is Mawqoot?

Mawqoot is a cloud-based system for organizations. It enables employees to record attendance using mobile applications with the ability to verify fingerprint and location via GPS without the need for fingerprint devices. The system also offers HR features, such as managing employee leaves and running payrolls.


Attendance Management

Does the increase of employees and the many workplaces make monitoring attendance difficult? Don't worry, Mawqoot makes managing attendance simple.

For Employees:
  • Recording attendance via mobile phone
  • Verification for fingerprint/face ID and GPS
  • Periodic tracking and proof of presence at workplace
  • Request to edit records if missed recoding
For Managers:
  • View employee attendance records
  • View live attendance report (attendance now)
  • Assign employees into different working times
  • Specify geographical areas for attendance

Lateness, Early Leave, and Absence Detecetion

Employees not adhering to work times can reduce performance and increase costs. It is not practical to monitor every single employee. With Mawqoot, employees offences can be deteceted automatically.

For Employees:
  • Detection of lateness, early leaving, and absence
  • View rules and how deductions are calculated
  • Asking permission to arrive late or leave early
  • Request for a petition for an offence
For Managers:
  • Set rules and deductions for each offence type
  • Deductions based on a percentage of daily wage and/or time off wage
  • View reports on employee offences
  • Approvals of employees petitions and permissions

Leaves & HR Management

HR processes increase burdens and require a high level of communication and data storage. Say goodbye to paperwork, as all processes will be done smoothly via Mawqoot app.

For Employees:
  • View personal profile and leave balance
  • Requesting different types of leave (personal, justified, unpaid)
  • View the company official holiday dates
  • View administrative messages and notifications
For Managers:
  • View and approve employee leaves
  • Customize approval chains for each request type
  • Set the dates of official holidays
  • Send administrative notices to employees

Payroll & Financial Obligations

Payroll calculation process can take several days and is rarely error-free. Mawqoot allows to issue detailed payrolls with high speed and accuracy.

For Employees:
  • View salaries details and deductions
  • Request a financial loan
For Managers:
  • Issuing payroll statements for different periods (monthly, weekly...)
  • Automatic calculation of overtime and deductions
  • Create custom templates and export as Excel

Watch The Demo Video

This video explains what Mawqoot offers and shows you why it is a tool you need to manage your business.


How to Start?

You can setup everything easily using a personal computer and an Internet connection. You will be ready to go in less than an hour!


Create Account

Create admin account, and add the company worktimes and workplaces, then adjust the offences rules according to your business regulations.


Add your Employees

Upload your employees data and assign them to their corresponding worktimes and workplaces. They will get emails about their new accounts information.


You are Ready!

Employees can download Mawqoot app and sign in to start record attendance and enjoy the other features.

Get the app NOW!

Both employees and managers can use the app for thier daily operations. It is compatible with all mobile devices and available in all app stores.


Why Mawqoot is the Right Option?

Because we care about providing the best possible user experience, we have built Mawqoot using the best technologies to provide you with the quality you desire, and we are always working on developing it to keep pace with the latest technologies and maintain the highest quality level.

Easy to Use

All user interfaces are carefully designed to give an easy and comfortable user experience.

Cloud-Based and Secure

The servers operate in a cloud environment and provide you with secure access using encryption algorithms.

Tested and Trusted

The system has undergone numerous tests to ensure the quality of performance and the correctness and integrity of the results.


You will get a 30 days free trial when you create a new account. After that, you can renew your subscription monthly or yearly. Don't worry, the trial period will prove that the benefits you get are much valuable than the cost you pay.

Yearly (-50%)


21.00 SAR employee / month
126.00 SAR employee / year
252.00 SAR (save 50%)
  • Attendance recording and management
  • Offences detecetion and monitoring
  • Leave requests and management
  • Payroll generation and management

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Things you may Need to know

The following questions will help better understanding Mawqoot. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at info@mawqoot.com.

The admin can add as many workplace locations as needed and assign employees to different workplaces. Upon recording attendance using Mawqoot app, the location of employees will be verified and detected by GPS precise location.
The employee can record attendance manually by editing the attendance timesheet. However, that may require sending a request to the admin to approve the change.
No need for fingerprint devices anymore. With Mawqoot, employees will be able to use their personal mobile phones to record attendance with verifing location via GPS and identity by the phone fingerprint or face ID sensor.
Mawqoot can detect three offences: lateness, leave early, and absence, according to the following rules:
  1. Lateness by 0 to 15 minutes
  2. Lateness by 15 to 30 minutes
  3. Lateness by 30 to 60 minutes
  4. Lateness by 60 minutes or more
  5. Leave early by 0 to 15 minutes
  6. Leave early by 15 minutes or more
  7. Absence
Each of those rules has a certain penalty as a percentage of the daily salary based on how many times the employee repeated the same offence (e.g. lateness for first time imposes 10% deduction from the day salary, the second time imposes 25%, and so on...)
These rules can be configured (or disabled) by the admin according to the business regulations.
There is no difficult installment or configurations. Only use the browser to sign up and create accounts for your employees, then your employees can install Mawqoot mobile app to access their accounts. The admin and employees both have access to the web portal and the mobile app.
Of course! You can sign up for free and you will get 30 days trial period with full access to all functions. No pre-contract is needed to sign up neither credit card information.
Yes it is available in Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei AppGallery.
No, your account at Mawqoot should be created by your manager.

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